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We offer advice in choosing a legal form in Germany, setting up companies in Germany, address for the company also as an address for delivery, including storage space and handling parcels along with returns in Germany.
The company, address, correspondence, parcels - all in one place.


Choosing the most adapted form to the client's needs


Establishment of Branches, Companies, Consortia

Service office

Addresses for deliveries and headquarters of business entities

Added values

Managerial agreements, loan agreements, protocols, etc ...

How it works ?

Our services

Who is the offer addressed to?

- Companies wanting to maintain access to the European market by legalizing the appropriate (dependent) legal form of their existing company in Germany.

- Companies wishing to set up a separate business in the form of a company in Germany and minimize the initial costs as well as the recurring costs of maintaining a new legal form in Germany.

- Companies/Citizens intending to introduce new products to the German market through subsidiaries or independent companies under the "Made in Germany" branding or intending to maintain their existing brand on European sales markets.

About us

We are a consulting company operating for many years in Germany, which specializes in business solutions for Foreign customers wanting to enter the German market for services and goods. As part of comprehensive service, we provide solutions starting with tax optimization, IT services, delivery addresses in Germany and ending with warehouses.


Many tasks one price

Service office

We offer our client under a contract for running a company in Germany or its registration - a set of services at a single price without additional hidden costs, in a simple and understandable form that does not generate additional financial burdens, along with "free" values added in the form of appropriate documents, contracts, and other designs that can often generate additional high costs associated with their acquisition.


Speed and precision of actions


The experience of our staff and substantive support of the best tax advisors and law firms guarantee the speed of our services and accuracy in fulfilling our clients' orders with additional documents, applications, etc ...


Data archivization


Each client of our consulting whose matters we conduct receives online access 24 hours a day to their archived data, applications and forms without worrying about getting lost or unavailable - through dedicated access to services of our data cloud in secure and encrypted transmission protocols.

Check out with the consulting company associated with setting up and running companies in Germany, - write an e-mail to receive an offer.


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